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Congressional district races will change
make-up of Gwinnett House representation

By Elliott Brack
editor and publisher

JULY 16, 2002 - - Just how influential is Gwinnett in the upcoming Congressional races? We'll take a look at how many people are registered to vote in the various Congressional districts and get an idea. publisher Elliott Brack

First, a look at the total number registered to vote in Gwinnett.

The number of people who registered to vote in the upcoming primary has exceeded the 2000 totals, which was 232,917. New totals on Monday showed a record 306,487 persons are registered to vote in the August 20 primary, Superintendent and Registrar Lynn Ledford reports. The deadline to register is July 22, less than a week from now, so this total is expected to grow.

There were 244,628 persons registered to vote in 1998. Since that time, some voters have been purged from the voter's list for not voting.

Now to address district make up. (Figures used here are as of July 1, when 236,910 people were registered.)

Congressional District .........Voters Registered


DISTRICT 4: This is a five-precinct area hard by DeKalb County. The current Congressman is Cynthia McKinney, who is being opposed by Judge Denise Majette in the Democratic primary.

Three Republicans are also seeking this race. They are Catherine Davis, 50, from Stone Mountain; Barbara Pereira, 39, of Dunwoody; and Cynthia Van Auken, 53, of Dunwoody.

However, note that Gwinnett has only 10,940 people in this district, the smallest representation of any of the four districts within the county.

DISTRICT 7: This odd-shaped district has the most voters of any Congressional district within the county. It is also getting the most attention, as two incumbent Republicans, John Linder and Bob Barr, fight to retain a seat in Congress.

However, there is another candidate, a Democrat who is Michael Berlon, 42, a Duluth attorney.

At over 200,000 votes, this means that Gwinnett represents approximately a third of this vast district. (With 8,206,975 people in Georgia, and 13 districts, that means an ideal Congressional district would total 631,291 people.)

No doubt Candidate Bob Barr is giving much attention to Gwinnett since it represents such a big portion of the area John Linder previously represented. The entire Gwinnett area is new, of course, to Mr. Barr.

DISTRICT 10: This is, of course, a coast for Incumbent Republican Nathan Deal of Gainesville, the only candidate to enter this race. In Gwinnett he represents 27,132 voters. He can probably represent this district as long as he wants in Congress, as presently drawn.

DISTRICT 13: If the 7th District is awkward, the new District 13 wins the cake for the most unusually-drawn district, one which you must conclude is the most gerrymandered. This district juts a nose into the center of Gwinnett, then meanders along its southern border, then takes off in all sorts of directions, ending up on the west side of Atlanta, by virtually skirting I-285 southward to get there.

And it is the second largest of Gwinnett's Congressional areas, totaling 60,660 voters.

There are six candidates. Democrats running include Greg Hecht, a 48-year-old state senator from Forest Park; Donzella James, a 54-year-old state senator from Atlanta; Embry Malone, a 48-year-old business consultant from Stone Mountain, David Scott, 58, a former state senator from Atlanta; and David Worley, 43, an attorney and former chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, from Jonesboro.

A lone Republican, Clay Cox, 33, of Lilburn, also seeks the seat.

Note that Gwinnett will account for about 10 per cent of the population of this strangely-drawn District.

* * * *

As to what could happen in the 2002 Congressional races, Gwinnett is presently represented by two Republicans (Linder and Johnny Isakson) and one Democrat (McKinney.) Odds makers feel that the Fourth and Thirteenth district will probably go Democratic, while the 7th and obviously the 10th will be Republican. So the Gwinnett representation in Congress will be split.

For sure, where Gwinnett, with population at 588,448 people in 2000, might nearly form an entire Congressional district of its own, soon we will be split four ways. It's our job to make the most of it.

Beaver Ruin facility to house Career Center

A small item in the July 12 edition of GwinnettForum mentioned that the Georgia Department of Labor would lease 10,000 square feet at the 2211 Beaver Ruin Road location. GwinnettForum has learned that the facility will be used as a Career Center. Additional information will be available soon

7/16: Business activity creates new terms

Editor, the Forum:

We must at least laugh some. Here are new definitions of time-honored accounting practices, which we have learned from the last few weeks business activity.

  • GAAP = generally avoided accounting practices.
  • FRS = fantasy reporting standards.
  • Ebitda = earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and auditors.
  • Ebit = earnings before irregularities and tampering.
  • NAV = normal Andersen valuation.
  • CEO = Chief Embezzlement Officer.
  • CFO = Corporate Fraud Officer.
  • P/E = parole entitlement.
  • EPS = eventual prison sentence.

- - Dean Booth, Atlanta


What such a nation is really afraid of

"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

--- John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1962.


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