BRACK: Tidbits, including why Duluth residents should remember this guy

By Elliott Brack, editor and publisher  |  Today we’re catching up after a long holiday. Here goes:

KUDOS TO the Gwinnett County School Board for naming the new STEM high school in Norcross for Paul Duke. Let’s hope everyone refers to it as the Paul Duke High School, and not merely Duke High, so as to give proper recognition to the Georgia Tech graduate and not to his rival college in North Carolina.


And you talk about ironic?  Paul Duke founded Peachtree Corners, yet that’s where Norcross High is physically located. And Paul Duke High will be set in Norcross. See, that’s ironic.

AT LONG LAST Hope Springs Distillery in Lilburn is coming down the home stretch and will soon be the first distillery in Gwinnett in modern times. It’s been one heckuva long and bumpy ride, but Gwinnett’s first and only locally owned, operated, and supplied (as much as humanly possible) distillery is up and running.

Betty Dahlberg says: “We still have a few rough edges to grind down, but bottling has begun, and shortly our first two releases, Top Hat Vodka and Jetty Absinthe, will be available in restaurants and adult establishments and beverage outlets. In the future we’ll also have a tasting and small events area open and look forward to welcoming visitors.”  Check it out at

THE PHONE CALL was a new scam the other day. The message said that they wanted to tell me about a problem with my computer, which needed an emergency fix for “Your Microsoft Account.” The key words was “emergency” and of course, “Microsoft,” which most computers use. If you get this call, ignore it. It’s another scam to get into your pocketbook, and really, there’s nothing wrong with your operating system, we bet.

YOU THINK YOU HAVE poor gas mileage with your auto or SUV? Think about garbage trucks. With all the stopping and starting that garbage trucks do, they get about 3.5 miles per gallon, we hear. Most now run on compressed natural gas or diesel, but they still get bad mileage. So no more complaining about your 20 or 30 mpg.


COUNTY COMMISSION CHAIR Charlotte Nash has been reappointed by Governor Nathan Deal to the  Board of Directors of the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority. Attagirl, Charlotte!

PEOPLE WHO LIVE in Duluth should know something about Daniel Greysolon. July 2 was his birthday, born in 1639, in Saint-Germain-Laval, Loire, France. Why should Duluth be concerned with him?

You see, he was a French soldier and explorer. He became friends with the Sioux Indians, and in 1678 he set out with seven French followers and three Indian slaves, intending to broker a peace agreement between the Sioux and the Ojibwe Indians north and west of Lake Superior, and firm up the tribes’ fur trading relationship with New France. He negotiated the peace treaty, arranged some inter-tribal marriages, and encouraged the tribes to hunt together, before moving west to explore the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers. In 1675, he bought a house in Montreal, and started thinking about making a trip to the headwaters of the Mississippi River. He died February 25, 1710, in Montreal, Canada.

It was in 1679 that Greysolon first reached Lake Superior, about where the city of Duluth, Minn. is located. You see, Greysolon was the Sieur Du Lhut…..which accounts form the Minnesota city’s name, and also accounts for the Duluth city’s name. But that’s another story.