BRACK: Ever think about what the elevations are of Gwinnett cities?

By Elliott Brack, editor and publisher  |  With the current flooding among the low levels of Texas and Louisiana, it made us wonder just how much elevation in feet cities in Georgia were above sea level. In Texas, Houston, for instance, is 80 feet above sea level, while Corpus Christi and Galveston are both only 6.89 feet above sea level. You can see why flooding is a problem in those low, flat areas.

In Gwinnett, the highest elevation of a city is in Buford, at 1,184 feet above sea level. The tallest elevation above sea level in Gwinnett is 1,286 feet, on the eastern side of Interstate 85 about a half mile north of Thompson Mill Road, maybe a quarter mile south of the Hall County line.

Now here’s something that really surprised us: the lowest elevation among Gwinnett cities is at Braselton, 909 feet above sea level. That’s because the Mulberry River runs through the town. And remember, water always seeks the lowest areas.  We would have thought lowest elevation would have been the southern end, around Snellville. But not according to what we found out.

And remember that the Eastern Continental Divide divides Georgia into two major watersheds, flowing to the Atlantic, and to the Gulf of Mexico. The Divide enters Georgia near Black Rock Mountain State Park near Clayton at 3,640 feet elevation. It leaves Georgia in the St. Marys watershed near Fargo, Ga., at 112 feet, and part of the Okefenokee Swamp.

Checking key cities in Georgia, Atlanta measures in at 1,050 feet above sea level. The lowest big city is Brunswick, at only 14 feet above sea level. Savannah, with its high Yamacraw Bluff, is at 49 feet above sea level.

Now if you lived in some coastal areas other than Georgia, you can also start measuring in only double digits. Charleston is 20.01 feet above sea level, Jacksonville 16.08 feet, and check out Miami, only 5.91 feet above sea level.

Think what a rising sea could do to Miami! You wonder if people in Miami even wonder about climate change?  Miami people?  Naw!

A FORMER RESIDENT of Gwinnett, the late Wayne Shackelford, will be inducted into the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame. The posthumous induction will be September 22 at The Classic Center in Athens. A reception begins at 6 p.m. with a dinner and awards at 7 p.m.  For years Mr. Shackelford was Gwinnett County agent, before he became the administrative assistant (county manager) for Gwinnett County. He later was the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Those interesting in attending should RSVP by September 7 at