BRACK: What a week for President Trump

By Elliott Brack, editor and publisher  |  Just about any week this year, news people all across the country….and the world….can take that week’s developments out of the Trump White House and write continuing  analysis.

Last week proved to be an unusually apt week to consider the Trump presidency.

It starts out (again) with Presidential Tweets. It was the president continuing in the football arena with his thoughts about footballers who didn’t, he felt, show proper patriotism during the singing of the National Anthem. By the end of the week, even the football owners who had supported him were upset with his tweets into the football world.

Earlier, on September 21, Hurricane Maria was wreaking devastation on Puerto Rico, and soon the island was in devastation.   However, days later, Mr. Trump was still concerned about the football aspect.

Only this week is he finally going to Puerto Rico to witness the damage, after 11 days. You wonder why he could not take Air Force One, which was standing by, sooner. We hope his visit is enough to have him rush more efforts to help our American citizens there.


Then later last week came more uproar over one of Georgia’s own, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who was chartering private jets to travel around the country.  The Washington journalism  company, Politico, had first reported of the Secretary’s fondness for private jets, rather than commercial airplanes, for his travel.

(You might like to know: Wikipedia says this of Politico: … an American political journalism company based in Arlington County, Virginia, that covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally. It distributes content through television, the Internet, physical newspapers, radio, and podcasts. Its coverage in Washington, D.C., includes the U.S. Congress, lobbying, media and the presidency.)

Then we later hear that not only Secretary Price, but other members of the Trump cabinet have used private, or U.S. military jets, for their own transport to sometimes private events. You wonder what punishment, if any, the president will lay on them.

Amid all this, remember, there is a real problem coming out of North Korea. And the president seems to be of no help in this issue, either, even dissing his Secretary of State on trying to open talks with the North Koreans.

You can see that the week was not stellar for President Trump.

Meantime, the smallest figure for Price traveling in private jets is $400,000, while some report that it could be as much as $1 million.  But never worry, Secretary Price said on Thursday that he would repay the government not in full for his authorization of the flights, but would pay back $50,000 for “his seat” on these planes.

Then on Friday, another turn for Secretary Price: he’s out as the secretary.

You see, Mr. Price “resigned.”  At least some say that. In the end, we are sure that he faced the ultimatum “You’re fired” from the President. Only by resigning, it is more seemly, and the President isn’t involved.  Sure, he wasn’t.

But, oh, the $50,000 check from Mr. Price?   We haven’t heard if it has cleared the bank yet, especially after “his decision” to resign.

We’ll give our president this much: never in all the years of any president, has he and his cabinet and White House staff had as many ups and downs during their first nine months. Mr. Trump is the all-time champion of an upheaved presidency.

Meanwhile, the country tries to continue, in spite of the president.  His leadership style amounts to no leadership at all….often because of his own shooting himself in the foot.