BRACK: Celebrate the Gwinnett Bi-Centennial with your own fact book

By Elliott Brack, editor and publisher | Gwinnett is about to kick-off a year-long commemoration leading up to the county’s Bi-Centennial of its founding.  Activities begin with a gala at the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse on December 15, in just a few days, and conclude on the same date in 2018.

This 200th birthday celebration points to the time when the Legislature was creating counties all around Georgia.  The eight original counties in Georgia were founded on February 5, 1777. Gwinnett ranks 42 (of 159) in order of founding. On December 15, 1818, several other counties were also formed: Appling, Early, Habersham, Hall, Irwin and Walton.

Last summer, County Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash called, asking if we might come up with “some facts about Gwinnett” for the Bi-Centennial. She suggested a fact a day for a year plus one, or 366 facts. The county will promote these facts on its web site each day.

We suggested: “But let’s not just put them on the web. How about we produce a small  book with all the facts?”  She gave us the green light.

So now being printed, and we hope to be finished by December 15, is a book measuring 1×4.25×5.5 inches with all these 366 facts in one place.  It shows a dynamic and diverse Gwinnett County, as it moves toward its 200th year of governmental operations.

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The book sells for $7.50. We anticipate it will be available in retail outlets around the county this month.  (Yes, it makes a small-but-interesting gift as a stocking stuffer!)

GwinnettForum readers are learning about this project first. If you want to get a reduced pre-publication copy of the book, call us or email for your copies. See the upper right side of today’s GwinnettForum for details.

It was not always easy to snag these facts, many of them not obvious.  But we had a lot of help from many, many county employees, who either contributed items, or we asked them for specific information. We also have items in the book from the many Gwinnett cities, usually contributed by their staff members. It was fun to touch base with many people. And boy!  Did we learn more about this fascinating county.

Here’s a couple of the “facts” that we came up with:

In 2012, the Census reports that there were 40,321 women-owned firms in Gwinnett, and 54,158 minority-owned firms.

Diversity in changing Gwinnett County may be best seen in its public schools. In 2017, the school system was, in terms of student ethnicity, 32 percent African American; 30 percent Hispanic; 23 percent Caucasian; 11 percent Asian; and 4 percent Other.

In 2017, there were between 500 and 600 international companies with individual operations in Gwinnett County. There are 105 Japanese operations and 97 German operations.

Number of events at the Infinite Energy Center in 2016: 918.

Global Mall in Norcross, with 22,000 square feet, dates from 2001. It is not merely a shopping center; it’s a community and cultural treasure. Besides international shops, visitors can see a movie; take a dance class; catch a live show, or even enjoy karaoke. Global Mela is held each fall, a free carnival for the South Asian community.

You get the idea.

Look for many activities in Gwinnett over the next year with a Bi-Centennial focus.  Get your own copy of the 366 Facts about Gwinnett County to enjoy.