10/10: On Machu Picchu; Gwinnett model train set; Estate taxes

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TODAY’S FOCUS: Here’s a Breath-Taking Account of a Visit to Machu Picchu, Per
EEB PERSPECTIVE: Snellville Resident Selling Model Trains Layout and Plans History Book
ANOTHER VIEW: Federal Estate Taxes Affect Only the Richest of the Rich
SPOTLIGHT: Hayes Family Automotive Group
UPCOMING: STEAM Activities Scheduled for Duluth on Friday Night
NOTABLE: Sheryl Dallas To Become Gwinnett Human Resources Director
RECOMMENDED: Origin by Dan Brown
GEORGIA TIDBIT: Three Confederate Ships Bear the Name Savannah During Civil War
TODAY’S QUOTE: What Horses Have That People Do Not Have
MYSTERY PHOTO: Not Your Ordinary Building for Today’s Mystery Photo
CALENDAR: Bird Club Plans Auction on October 16

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